Atopy Healing Day in South Korea

Atopy Healing Day in South Korea

Atopy Healing Day

September 24, 2020, Korea Gyeong Gi-Do Atopy Asthma Education Information Center hold the Atopy Healing Day sponsored by the ECZEMA foundation.

More than 100 families participated to this online streaming event.


    The objective was to help the patients & their family with achieving the following:

    • Improving quality of life of patient living with atopic eczema.
    • Empowering atopic eczema patients and their caregivers with a set of common messages and materials.

    It marked the third Atopy Healing Day, where we looked beneath the surface of atopic eczema and its impacts on life.

    A communication toolkit was developed dedicated to patient organizations to help raise awareness of this disease on the important day.



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