« Eczema days » in Spain

« Eczema days » in Spain

« Eczema days » in Spain

AADA (Spanish association for people with eczema)

The AADA’s mission is to increase awareness about atopic dermatitis among patients and their family members in Spain.

In collaboration with the Eczema Foundation, the AADA organized two days, on 27 and 28 November 2019, dedicated to eczema.


27 November in Madrid

The AADA organized an information day on Wednesday, 27 November 2019, in Madrid. The event was held in a shopping center in order to increase public awareness about atopic eczema, which affects both adults and children.

Belen Delgado Diez, Vice-President of the AADA, manned a stand all throughout the day.

A survey featuring 24 questions on atopic dermatitis was given to young people and adults, and children were provided with fun and educational activities.

28 November in Barcelona

On Thursday, 28 November 2019, 35 participants (including babies, children with eczema and their parents) attended an info session on atopic dermatitis at the Catalonia Hotel (Barcelona), led by Dr Eulalia Baselga, Dermatologist at the Sant Joan de Deù Hospital in Barcelona.

The multidisciplinary team comprised of Dr Estapé (pediatrician), Dr Claver (allergologist) and Sandra Ros (psychologist) generated great interest from several of the parents, hungry for information and advice.

For the first time, Africa Luca (patient and Head of Communication for the new Spanish eczema association, AADA) gave a presentation on the association, alongside its president.

A practical workshop featuring a medical make-up demo introduced young parents to techniques used to conceal lesions.

Finally, the evening wrapped up with a delightful dinner.



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