"Lifestyle and Health" Sylvotherapy Discovery Day

"Lifestyle and Health" Sylvotherapy Discovery Day

Journée découverte Sylvothérapie

On Sunday, July 11, 2021, the Eczema Foundation organized a "Lifestyle and Health" day on how to be proactive about your health by changing your lifestyle at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center.

This was an opportunity to bring together patients suffering from chronic dermatological diseases and those recovering from cancer treatment.

The day was divided into two workshops, punctuated by a friendly picnic in the Avène Hydrotherapy Center arboretum.

"Be proactive about your health" workshop

This first workshop, led by Dr. Jean-Marc Chavigny, dermato-allergist, allowed each participant to question and analyze his or her own lifestyle around 9 main themes:

  • social relationships,
  • the rhythm of life,
  • individual values,
  • nutrition,
  • emotions,
  • connection to nature,
  • physical activity,
  • personal activities,
  • exposure to toxic substances.

Each participant was therefore able to identify the areas in which he or she can act individually, prioritize them and define a personalized and achievable objective in order to improve his or her well-being step by step.


Sylvotherapy Workshop

The second workshop, led by Vincent Karche, sylvotherapist and opera tenor, was held outdoors, at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center arboretum and in the surrounding forest. Thanks to the grounding and breathing techniques proposed, the participants learned to reconnect to the earth, to the trees and to themselves. This connection to nature allowed everyone to experience well-being and a sense of wholeness and to embrace their emotions serenely.



"Each of us has the power to improve our health, whether it is to avoid getting sick or to reduce the symptoms of an existing disease. While our society has for years emphasized medical care, prevention remains a matter for each of us."

Dr. Jean-Marc Chavigny, dermato-allergist, Nantes.

Participants' testimonials

"Thank you for this enriching day, discovering the benefits of nature and the management of emotions, with the support of the group ... Physical well-being depends on psychological well-being and balance in your personal, emotional and professional life, as well as self-esteem. This day allowed me to remember all these principles and also to discover Sylvotherapy." Isa

"A fabulous day, full of meaning, full of interaction. Thank you so much." Cathy

"A very rich day, both in the morning (theory) and the practice in the afternoon. To be used for the patients at the hydrotherapy center. Thank you." A.

"A wonderful day - instructive, enriching and highly enjoyable." Magali

"A magnificent day of inner enlightenment and sharing that I highly recommend to all." Dorian

"An amazing day! Enriching, interesting, with a friendly team and top speakers! I had a brilliant time and also had the chance to meet lots of great people."


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