The partners of the Pierre Fabre Eczema Foundation


The partners of the Pierre Fabre Eczema FoundationOur partners are the entities / bodies / associations / organizations with which the Foundation is bound by a contract or partnership actions.

Logo Eczemanet
Eczemanet is the web page of the mutual aid organization for eczema patients, formerly the "Flemish Foundation for Eczema Patients".
The aim is to provide a forum on which people with eczema in Belgium can easily contact each other to exchange experiences and find a sympathetic listener who understands the sometimes challenging nature of the condition.
Other missions include fostering scientific research into eczema causes and new treatment methods, and representing the interests of eczema patients to government, business and other organizations.
Eczemanet is an allergienet asbl project.
Logo AADA (Asociacion de Afectados por la Dermatitis Atopica)
AADA (Association of People Affected by Atopic Dermatitis)
AADA is a non-profit patient association that brings together people with atopic dermatitis, aiming to improve their quality of life.
Its work is based on facilitating the daily life of people with atopic dermatitis.
AADA promotes recognition of the condition, advocating for it to health policy makers and providing direct support and reliable information to patients and families.
Its goal is to be recognized as the reference association for people with atopic dermatitis, their family and friends, and the medical community.
Logo Imperial College London
Imperial College London
Imperial College London is one of the world's top ten universities with a world-class reputation in science, engineering, business and medicine. Its computational and theoretical modelling department is essential for understanding the fundamental mechanisms of the functioning of organisms and the evolution of diseases.
Logo Global Skin
Global Skin
The International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (IADPO) - également connue sous le nom de GlobalSkin - est une organisation à but non lucratif composée d'associations de patients en dermatologie du monde entier.
Il s'agit d'une alliance mondiale unique, engagée à améliorer la vie des patients du monde entier. Global Skin entretient des relations avec toutes les personnes impliquées dans les soins de santé de la peau pour dialoguer avec les décideurs du monde entier promouvoir des soins de santé centrés sur le patient. Le travail de GlobalSkin repose sur trois piliers : la recherche, la défense des droits des patients et le soutien.
Logo EOS (Eczema Outreach Support)
EOS (Eczema Outreach Support)
Since 2018, this organization has grown to support families affected by eczema across the UK, helping them cope with the practical and emotional aspects of having a child with eczema. EOS has a real understanding of the impact that the condition can have on the whole family and how isolated it can make them feel. It provides support tailored to the needs of individual families by offering a wide range of activities and resources, and helps parents/guardians and children with eczema feel better empowered to cope with the ups and downs of the condition. As well as providing the opportunity for families to connect with others in the same situation, EOS gives them access to reliable information and the chance to talk to people who understand what they are going through.
AFPRAL (French Association for the Prevention of Allergies)
AFPRAL is an association whose vocation is to improve the quality of life of allergic patients by promoting dialogue with all those involved in allergic conditions: manufacturers, institutions and associations. One of its key missions is to provide useful information on allergy prevention. AFPRAL has ten regional centers and numerous members throughout France, giving it a reputation as a real public health actor in the fight against allergies.
Logo Association "Un papillon contre l'eczéma"
Association - Un papillon contre l’eczéma (A butterfly against eczema)
This association aims to bring together expertise to improve eczema management, as well as recognition of the condition by caregivers and health authorities. Through conferences-debates, patient workshops, Sports Day and other sports events, books and press articles, the association is at patients' sides to fight for them, together with other patient associations.
Logo GET
GET (Dermatology Therapeutic Education Group)
In France, the Dermatology Therapeutic Education Group (GET-Dermatology) is a branch of the French Society of Dermatology. Its objective is to promote inter-disciplinary research in therapeutic education and follow-up strategy for chronic skin diseases.
Logo ISAD (International Society of Atopic Dermatitis)
ISAD (International Society of Atopic Dermatitis)
Founded in 1979 by Georg Rajka, a Hungarian dermatologist with a passion for atopic dermatitis, he organized the first meeting of the learned society by personally inviting colleagues to a conference dedicated to the condition and its patients. ISAD is now international in scope and regularly meets with its members on different continents.
International network of therapeutic education experts specializing in chronic skin diseases. ISAD-Opened Taskforce is a network that facilitates the implementation of therapeutic education structures and projects, and is a source of recommendations and reference documents.