A corporate foundation dedicated to the fight against eczema

A corporate foundation dedicated to the fight against eczema

A corporate foundation dedicated to the fight against eczema

Our purpose

The Pierre Fabre Eczema Foundation collaborates with healthcare professionals and supports patients so they can join forces to help patients live better with eczema.

Our missions

By offering support and creating collaborations, we aim to ease the burden on patients.

Our primary mission is to support various groups:

  • To provide support and assistance for patients to help them take control of their disease.
  • To provide patients and healthcare professionals with opportunities to join forces.
  • To train and bring together healthcare professionals and academics.
  • To help experts reach a consensus on how to approach eczema so that it may be shared and understood by all.
  • To share knowledge and raise awareness about eczema.
  • To contribute to eczema research.

Lines of action

Scientific research

Research on eczema through clinical studies or academic partnerships.

Information for patients

Website, workshops and innovative methods (expos, etc.)

Therapeutic patient education

With the atopy schools present in more than 20 countries.

Values and philosophy


Sharing knowledge, expertise, experiences, networks, and resources.

Listening, support and empathy

Providing support and understanding so that everyone can find what they are looking for.


Adopting the ethical approach unique to the Pierre Fabre Group: high standards combined with a human consideration.

Openness to others

By broadening the scope of treatment and by opening up to as many people as possible.

Our history

The Pierre Fabre Eczema Foundation, formerly the Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis, is a Pierre Fabre Laboratories corporate foundation. It was created in 2004 by the company founder, Mr Pierre Fabre himself. The Foundation is non-promotional, however, and is committed to improving education, information and research on eczema.

Our structure

The Pierre Fabre Eczema Foundation is a corporate foundation of Pierre Fabre Laboratories dedicated to the fight against eczema.

Founding members

Logo Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique

Founding member of the Foundation

Logo Avène

Supports the Foundation

Logo A-Derma

Supports the Foundation

Logo Ducray

Supports the Foundation

Other stakeholders

Logo international DEXERYL

DEXERYL takes part in actions benefiting the Foundation


Foundation members

Dr Georges Farah

Dr Georges Farah (President)


Dr Markéta SAINT AROMAN (Director)


Catherine JEAN DECOSTER (Project Manager)


Marine CALVET (Project Manager)

Delphine JOSSET

Delphine JOSSET (Assistant)

Board of Directors

Dr Georges FARAH

Dr Georges FARAH (President)


Eric DUCOURNAU (Vice-president)


Dr Markéta SAINT AROMAN (Treasurer)

Gautier DOAT

Gautier DOAT (Administrator)


Fabienne CARBALLIDO (Administrator)


Valérie MENGEAUD (Administrator)

Pr Jean-François STALDER

Pr Jean-François STALDER (Hôtel Dieu - Nantes)


Dr Maya EL HACHEM (Bambino Gesù Hospital - Rome)

Dr Alain BRIANT (Toulouse)

Dr Alain BRIANT (Toulouse)

Our experts

Dr Jean-Marc Chavigny, dermato-allergologist, Nantes atopy school (France), author of the book « Arrête de te gratter » [Stop scratching] (Édition Edilivre) and president of the association « Un papillon contre l’eczéma » [A butterfly against eczema]

Dr Magali Bourrel-Bouttaz, dermatologist, Chambéry (France), author of the website mag-da.fr and the book "Changer son regard sur l'Eczéma" [Change how you see eczema] – 2016, Ovadia Eds, "L'eczéma, est-ce vraiment dans la tête ?" [Is Eczema really all in your head?] – 2017, Ovadia Eds, "Eczéma : facteurs déclenchants et prévention" [Eczema: triggering factors and prevention] – 2014, Melibee

Dr Martine Avenel-Audran, dermato-allergologist, Angers (France), author of several posts on the Eczema Foundation website

Dr Daniel Wallach, dermatologist, Paris (France), author of the medical news articles