Can I have a dog or cat if I have eczema?

Can I have a dog or cat if I have eczema?

Peut-on avoir un chien ou un chat si on a de l'eczéma atopique ?

Can I have a dog or cat if I have eczema?

Whether you want a cat, dog, rabbit or hamster, furry animals can be compatible with atopic eczema in most cases. Simply follow a few precautions, and everything will be fine.

How to live better with eczema and have a pet

A case-by-case solution: you need to know your situation!

Atopic eczema is a hypersensitivity to certain environmental elements such as pollen, temperature fluctuations, animal hair, and more. Often times, pinpointing what causes your skin to react is difficult, as these factors often combine. Recommendations should, therefore, be made on a case-by-case basis only, depending on your daily life and your history: ask your doctor prior to purchasing an animal.

The daily advantages of having a pet

Living with eczema can be very frustrating and stressful, and having an animal around helps you relax and provides unconditional support (this is truer with dogs than hamsters of course)!

Steps to take at home

Although you can have a pet even if you have atopic eczema, some precautions are necessary.

In fact, it’s not the fur that’s the problem but rather the saliva and the secretions left behind when the animal licks itself. Nonetheless, the war against hair wages on:

  • Vacuum often
  • Sleep in separate areas
  • Avoid letting the animal on the couch or beds
  • Bathe your pet every 15 days
  • Brush your cat or dog outside
  • If possible, keep the animal out of the bedroom


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